How about an offline - Career or Mission Mode? I Think it would give an additional fun. What would you all think about it?

Maybe this misses the point of your question, but once you begin a ride you can disconnect your Zwifting device from internet and continue the ride but you will not see any other riders. As long as you reconnect internet before ending the ride you will be able to save it to the Zwift platform and any others you have connected (Strava, Garmin, etc.)

? What is ‘Career or Mission Mode’ ?

@Tim_Gilbert For sure I know that i can ride on offline, but as you say it’s missing the point a little bit.

@Mark_Gallagher and @Tim_Gilbert what I mean is a new Gamemode. Maybe with a little story. For instance the zwifter starts as a hobbybiker and has complete same challenges. The more challenges he completes, the more he rises in his career. At the end he can become a champion.

If you want you can call it a single player mode.

It’s certainly been suggested before.

I think it’d be a great addition. I had an idea along these lines for something to build on top of Zwift, but they never opened up the API as they’d suggested they would early on.

ZwiftQuest and GoldRush were attempts to do fun game modes on top of Zwift, but neither were official or baked into the game (and both are long dead now I believe).

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Thanks for clarifying. It would be interesting to try it. As Zwift grows both in user base and in longevity I believe it will need to expand what it means to use the Zwift platform.