Zwift and Pro Cycling Manager venture

(Jonathan Bridge) #1

Do a joint venture with the developers of the “Pro Cycling Manager” series (the most successful cycling game of all time, approx. 1/4 million sales each year since 2000). 

You could use your tech to include using smart trainers as a way of controlling a rider in races within their game (online e.g. multplayer and offline e.g. career mode).

As the riders in the offline game would be too fast for us all, you could establish handicaps e.g. 50% additional power for us amateurs, etc. As you get better the handicap can reduce. 

Their game provides for fan based course development also that can be used online or offline. . 

Just an idea that I believe would make both organisations (Cyanide and Zwift) dominate the online cycling game/indoor trainer scene.

(Paul Allen) #2

This would induce more cheating within Zwift.

(Jonathan Bridge) #3

Multiplayer would need to be based on person’s own power, attributes, etc. Handicaps are only for offline playing, against computer controlled players. Pro Cycling Manager has overall successfully controlled cheating for many years.

On a side note, each race or stage of a grand tour takes about 30 to 40mins to ride. Regardless if Zwift does a joint venture or not, they could certainly do an offline version of their game whereby we ride a pro tour season or career (much like Pro Cycling Manager). As we get more XP, we get certain attributes added to our normal power.  

(. TomH..) #4

Hi guys, 

Thanks a lot for your suggestions,I can personally see this working in off line mode. :slight_smile: I’ll add it on the request list and will see if other people will vote it up so we can put it onto our radar. 

In meantime stay tuned and Ride On!


(Abel Hanse) #5

This would be great. It would of course have to be in offline mode. You just start in the pro peloton in your own pro-team. The level of the peloton will be adjusted to your ftp. And you can do the same tactics as in the normal game. You can let other riders of your team protect you, or you can protect them. You can put some pros in your sprinting train and try to win the sprint yourself.

I think it would be a great way to make indoor training more fun for lots of people!

(thomas rieff 5542) #6

I would love this, since i’m a fanatic PCM player and cyclist. 

This would be a super upgrade, riding Tour de France stages, timetrails against the AI pro’s.