Game Mode & Career Mode

What you have here is what I would call a very basic Career Mode. It is all operated on time + blood + sweat + motivation. While it could use some tweaking in these areas with lower level goals so you are always striving to hit the next level. What you have now as said is just basic. Since Zwift has been alive long enough now. Its time to hire the staff and use Game Mode to help make that possible…Everything here as to be earned from hard work, time, and sweat. Nothing from Game Mode can be used in Career Mode

Game Mode
It is the real monetary side of Zwift. 
You can use bikes from Career Mode but you can also purchase bikes with Fiat. This is strictly for those who want advantages and to play it like a video game. Where skill can take you so far. Money takes you the rest of the way with better equipment that gives advantages.

Just off the top of my head
The game engine is just a game engine with no weight height man or woman algorithm. It is just a straight gaming engine where everyone is equal but has the a way to deviate from that path. With 3 or 4 main characters which give you an advantage in one area of cycling.
Bike Juice = 1 HP Motor assist (hidden in the frame can use at all times) 
Bike Aero = New Designed bike with no UCI or other bike restrictions
Bike Doping = Steroid boost (good for 1 race) (gotta make money) 
Bike points are earned for each level in categories 
Strength/ Endurance/ Speed/Climb
I could list more things, but we need a way to throw some money at you. If I could play a game and buy things. It would take me to the next level. I wont even lie in game mode. I would throw 50 to 100 dollars a month at you. 

Then there can be group mode/ Champion of the Hill, Desert Rat Flat/ etc…This is where groups ride against other groups so there can be some cross connection from Career Mode to Game Mode. Competition always creates a money circle for gaming companies.

TT Races solo / Groups
Aero Flat Races solo / Groups
Hill Races solo / Groups
Cyclocross solo / Groups

While it would take a while to make it allows Zwift to make more money which helps everyone. You can add more developers, leads, QA, a forum, and of course beef up Career Mode.  

Just throwing something out there that doesn’t disrupt whats already out there and the foundation of Zwift. Just trying throw out an idea so you can monetize better. This could also lower the price of Career Mode.