Career mode and virtual races

This is really just thinking aloud but…what if there was some sort of career game mode? A sort of cross between Pro Cycling Manager and Zwift. Perhaps you start life as a domestique in a small team. You ride along in a peloton of AI riders, and are given tasks to do - dropping back to collect bottles from the team car then accelerating back to the peloton to deliver them, riding hard on the front to chase down breakaways, getting in the breakaway and staying away - you get the idea. Then as you progress and get better you would enter bigger races, get signed by a better team, eventually becoming team leader and getting your own domestiques to help you. The difficulty at each level would be scaled according to your FTP, so it would always be possible to do well if you put in a good performance.

When I was a kid I used to watch the Tour de France highlights then cycle up and down my street pretending I was on an audacious solo breakaway. I’d put my hands in the air an pretend I had won the stage. It may sound silly, but I want a game that somehow recreates that feeling. I’m never going to win a race against other real people, but perhaps winning a purely virtual race would be fun.

I love this idea