Silly things that annoy you about Zwift (Keep it light and Fun)

That panicked moment when do you do drop your towel near the front wheel and your heart skips a beat thinking the towel will get caught in your spokes and cause you to crash.


On a similar theme I once noticed a loose thread on my shorts while on zwift, unfortunately I was in reach of some scissors, I thought no need to stop to sort this, how hard can it be. Attempted to cut the thread while pedalling, needless to say that was the last time I wore those bib shorts!


When you see the 25 MPH signs and you realize that you are speeding. I saw the sign and i started laughing thinking that “I’m not evening driving yet and i could get pulled over!”


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When your mid work out & a long rest period starts just as your beginning a long 10%+ climb.

The result is soul destroying

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Great minds…


When you see people lag on the KOM and they go on air and skip part of the KOM…XD …never happens to me lol i wonder why…? :stuck_out_tongue:

New thing:

Zwift doesn’t add my real life climbing to my hunt for a Tron bike.
1157m today, but not one cm closer to the glowing wheels of love :wink:


When you get in a race but you don’t notice your bike is the TT… -_- then you start and realize that you can’t draft. Plus your going up the Alpe… whew…!


Yes, I hate when I forget that I’ve changed bikes and have to suffer through a ride with a poor bike choice. This is why we need access to the garage from the main menu, not once already in one of the worlds!

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Omg, i know! Its just so crowded i can’t see what frickin bike i have! i mean i don’t blame Zwift for this obviously…cuz i think we should look before we bike lol :wink:

Or when you get in with a pace partner and you can’t draft. Haha, its happened to me many times.

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This has happened when I’m late to the start pen and I forget that I rode the MTB the day before. Trying to change bikes with 5 seconds left before the start… :crazy_face:

I cannot change it fast enough! EVER! I guess my fingers weren’t made to hurry…it doesn’t help when the Wifi cuts out either :sweat_smile:

When I ride through the volcano in Watopia, see my position on the mini map and think to myself: “Amazing, my GPS is working INSIDE a volcano!”


makes sense, there’s a hole at the top! haha

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When riding the jungle circuit, and the monkey/ape hangs down, I can’t high five it.


Yup. The logon screen (what is the point of that), does launch in the same position as it was last used. However, it launches the Zwift program and that always goes exactly where Zwift want it to go, ignoring your wishes.
This bugs me as I run full screen but on my 2nd monitor and I have to move the program across every time.


FYI, it’s a sloth


Just random luck. From what I’ve read it takes ~10 times on average it seems. I got them after 12 and then again at 14 and 15. Love that extra 2k xp though!