Zwift will not survive - BTW I love Zwift and have had a subscription since last year

OMG - the number of responses to this is ridiculous - I really touched a nerve or something.

A few quick simple thoughts and it is like a Trump/Hillary debate - LOL.

Because I read yet another post (and there are many) about people going to TrainerRoad because of some perceived lack in Zwift

Because I looked at all the Zwift events put on by Zwift promoting the platform to women and I see very few women on Zwift USUALLY

BTW - I said the word “laugh” because I know how hard it is to get market acceptance for some demographics NOT JUST WOMEN - guess I should have spent hours or days explaining this one.

Because I missed a big event and now I want Zwift to send me an email. I don’t do social media - which I guess this is.

All I have to say is wow…

And you are welcome Zwift for the conversation this created - I guess.

And I am laughing at myself right now for being so stupid to think that I could post some thoughts and not have people tear it to shreds.

I will NEVER post on social media again.

Where’s is the delete button.

I think you are vastly mistaken. They are working on the IOS app right now to allow you to run Zwift on the Ipad. The rumor is that once this is complete they will work on releasing Zwift Running. This seems like the logical order to complete these as I assume it will allow users with a footpod to bring an Ipad to a gym and log onto Zwift. I think Zwift running is really going to expand their user base at a very rapid pace. Once people start seeing others use Zwift to run, the user base is going to explode. This will allow more users, at a lower cost of entry than the cycling side.

I don’t think the inability to log onto any map speaks to a lack of servers- I believe they want to keep people on the same map to give it a community feel. If you are referring to the in-game Zwift events, you can view them right on your smart phone using the Zwift app and even join them and have it remind you before they start up. One last thought about the speed of development: They actually do release updates pretty frequently and with minimal issues. The key being minimal issues…anyone can make frequent updates to a product, but if they break all the time it’s quite useless. Development and testing takes time.

Just my unimportant opinion.


I like Zwift and it continues to improve.  Would I like updates to happen faster, yes, but I am not disappointed.  It’s a measly  $10 a month.  That is not a lot a money relative to how much I use it.  I do get a bit irritated with users that think because they are paying $10 a month, their personal pet peeve issue should be resolved instantly.  Just my opinion

I couldn’t disagree more. I just started using it a couple of weeks ago. I see a lot of users and solid cyclists using it a lot. And the game element adds such a great dimension. It’s not without its flaws but they are improving daily.

I expect this to only get better.

Good points all - like I said just my opinion/maybe fear. I really love Zwift and will continue using it - here comes winter… Thanks for replying. Always good to see other perspectives.

The price is truly negligible - it is funny that someone would moan about $10 bucks a month.

I do think Zwift should use all avenues of notification. I don’t have a smart phone and I rarely use an iPad for Zwift. I have a 46" TV with a GTX780 pushing the graphics and some surround sound action so I am good without the bioimplant of an iPad/iOS device… lol.

I disagree with the lack of a server browser - if the maps are there I want to play them so to speak.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we have in store. And, for the record, making the world’s best online cycling platform is a bit harder than one might think :wink:

And, yes, the ability to choose a course is a feature we would like to have.

My comment is about the speed of updates and quality of the software. I work in the software industry and most of you blogging here probably have no idea the technical challenges of setting up a platform like Zwift from zero to where these guys are today. This is hard and Zwift are doing an outstanding job. The software is new and it takes time to completely get to to the level which has been normalized by Apple, Facebook and co. I’m pretty new to Zwift but not to platforms and I am blown away by what has been accomplished so quickly.

My opinion - I give them 10 out of 10 and I look forward to using Zwift for years.

That is good to hear Kit. Thank you for the comment - feeling better already :slight_smile:

M Kulesia,

Well, I can only say I tend to agree with you.    The problem I see is that Zwift is a new company trying to invent the industry as they go along, and whether it’s a lack of resources, or experience running a business I also am frustrated at some things.   

Take the most recent “big wheeler” thing…   Yeah, I get it and I also am a self confessed “old grump”, but common…   With so many other features people are clamoring for yet time and resources are spent developing a big wheel?  (yeah, I know, it was already developed and used before, but still…)    Even my 13 year old daughter, who saw it said it was “dorky”.  :-)

10 bucks for me is nominal…   And, I still will use Zwift because it is incredibly useful to get my workouts in and get a touch of entertainment / distraction while I’m doing it.  

As Eric says above however I do think there are some “big things” coming… and if they are good (which they undoubtedly will be) then I think critical mass will be reached and we will see Zwift truly take off…  

Flame shields are up… . :wink:


Guys: doing one thing does not mean EVERYTHING ELSE gets put on hold. It doesn’t take a lot of time to implement something *we* think (and a lot of other people think) is fun for a good cause.

The two are not mutually exclusive :wink:

All for having “fun” things. But when the arrival of big wheels coincides with my avatar suddenly riding through walls and swinging wildly from one side of the road to the other, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher. Just my .02

Rode the Z-Wheeler mission yesterday, was my first Metric Century ever and almost 3 hours on an indoor bike. Had great fun and that would never have happened without Zwift. Have used the Tacx training software for more than 8 years, but never for such a long ride. For me that says a lot!

I would however like an update for the existing users. It is good (and necessary?) for Zwift to expand their customer base (iOS and Running) but it would be nice to have enough new features and improvements for current customers as well. Tacx have made the mistake of stopping real development on their software (or so it seems) and that caused me to come over to Zwift.

I was at the Zwift event yesterday in Salt Lake City and all I have to say is when they release the virtual reality zwift, you will be amazed. I had the chance to demo it and I honestly cant stop thinking about it. I would pay significantly more per month to use that service and I believe that many other customers will as well. It is a total game changer.

That being said, Zwift does have a tough row to hoe with relation to good weather. I cancelled my membership in March and just started again in November. No matter how good it is, I really don’t see much need for it in nice weather months. As most of their user base is from the Northern Hemisphere, that can be a challenge. That being said, many businesses have seasonal profit cycles and survive just fine. 

Bryan, can you tell us more about this new Zwift VR?  Relative to seasons, I think with the current price is low enough that most people, myself included, just subscribe all year even though summer usage is low or nil.  I am sure you were just joking when you suggested Zwift should raise prices

I only meant a price increase for zwift VR. It is kind of a whole different animal and once you see it, you would probably realize that it is worth a little higher price tag as it is a more premium experience.

Let me see how I can describe it- I cannot imagine indoor cycling being much closer to the real thing. I was riding on Wattopia. As I passed other riders, I would look to my side and see their faces as I rode by. At one point I looked down at my feet and I could see my legs turning the crank. I actually was so tricked by it that when there were turns on the course, I would feel my body leaning into them.

The zwift VR is quite polished. The rep from zwift said there is certainly some more development to be done but their bigger issue at the moment has to do with hardware. Apparently vr headsets do not like sweat. Additionally, vr headsets have no ventilation to prevent sweat. They are also a little heavy- i couldnt imagine sprinting in one. All that together does not make a happy zwifter. Eventually someone will make an exercise suitable headset though… That being said, blaming hardware manufacturers seems like a convenient way to cover up any development issues they may be having at the moment. so i would take that with a grain of salt.

Things we’ve added for our existing users (recently):

  • Mountain Route
  • London Course
  • Refined Events (still evolving!)
  • Monthly Challenges with cool prizes (such as the Cervélo and Big Wheel challenge)

And, of course, more to come! :slight_smile:

@Matt - Swerving is caused by network issues where the relative position of a rider is unknown until the game successfully contacts the server and repositions them in the right spot. The big wheels were already in the code (it was originally an April Fools Day joke) and it was a simple matter of turning them on for the specific challenge.

Yeah, I remember the big wheels. I was more commenting on issues with the latest update that I don’t believe are network related. It seems to be an issue with drafting – where I will get “stuck” with another rider(s) and we end up on the edge of the road (and occasionally riding through walls) before it “unsticks” and my avatar gets repositioned where it would normally be. I could be wrong about this, but I’ve seen other types of swerving and this certainly seems different. 

Well, the VR thing certainly has my interest and I’ll look forward to it.    I’m sure a headset can be made to deal with the sweat and heat problems.   


The below is NOT a critical statement, but just a honest observation.

Would it be better to focus the energy of the staff and company to develop and deploy the VR, or to spend those valuable resources in addressing current requests?

(Of course, the best answer would be both, but reality probably forbids this). 


Some things that I personally would like to see sooner then the VR thing is:

  1. Screen cleaned up…   When I’m in workout mode I don’t want to see all the other clutter on my screen…     I hope someday that our screens are fully customizable so we can choose what we do and don’t want to see.

  2. More KM of roads…   Looking at the map of Watopia I can see lot’s of undeveloped space.     

  3.  If London is going to be a location forever, can that please be expanded…   I dread riding London simply because the course is boring to me  (Disclaimer…  I love climbing, so I’m prejudice here)

3a.  It would be great to have the ability to select what course we want to ride in the future…  

  1.  Velodrome?  Cyclocross?  Mountian Bike?    How cool would all that be? 




I have VR goggles. How donI get a beta VR version of Zwift?

as far as I am aware, there is no beta. The only way you can test it out is to go to one of the zwift tour events (they are holding them in quite a few U.S. cities over the next month or so). Or you could check it out at an industry trade event that zwift is exhibiting at (those are mostly done for the year though).