newspaper throwing?

I logged on today and my bike is pixelated and it’s telling me to throw damn newspapers. how do I turn this “feature” off?  really annoying!!!

I’m sure it’s for April Fools Day, Zwift does something every year.

good god that’s annoying.  but thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

yeah. I got on and everything was normal but my bf got on and the intro music was different. Then, when he got on his bike, it looked like he had a bread basket on the front, then on the bottom of the screen a message kept appearing that said he could throw papers, so he did. Also, on his screen, EVERYONE else was on the same bikes. But, again, I was on at the same time and mine was normal…with the same old zwift music. 

yeah, that’s exactly what mine looked like. I mean it’s one thing to change up the bike and all but why can’t they turn off the prompts? clearly these morons don’t zwift enough to know that’s really annoying

Yep. I had lined up for Tour of Watopia. All psyched for a long ride. Ridiculous bike. Companion not working. I got off. Really irritating. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. Maybe I’ll cancel my subscription for a month or two in protest. 

that’s actually a good idea. Now that the weather is improving and people are starting to ride outside, it’s just stupid of them to piss off their users in this way.  plus, trolling the customers like this is so last decade, seriously…

Zwift take good money and turn it into an arcade game.  Stopped my session today, came on here to train its really p’'ssed me off to be blunt.  It ruins it.

It was great! +50 xp’s each time I hit a rabbit target with the newspaper. I only found 7. Would love to know what happens when all are found and hit.

Next time I hope we can throw papers at other riders too :slight_smile: like a thumbs up ride on. I bet someone will call the fun police however.

Good day for disabling the UI.  :slight_smile:

i got all news to rabbit, and i think i get 500 extra points, it was very quick on screen

This bike is from Game Paperboy to Atari in 80´s

Br Roger

Playing an April Fools joke on your customers is STUPID.  It’s things like this that make me want to cancel my membership.  If they insist on doing this, there should be an option to turn it off.

Talk about sense of humor failure. It’s one day in a year. The prompts only appear a you get near the rabbits to warn you their upcoming. Then they disappear. It added a bit of variety for the day.

Bad move Zwift - Some of us take training seriously, I don’t care if it’s a prank or not.

So with a major new-roll-out, the Alpe du Zwift,  Zwift manages to miss the fact that there is a audio problem, that is, the background sounds, tires and such is missing!

And then this, you gotta be joking, oh yeah you are, of course.

If this is the future of Zwift, I will not be supporting it, sorry.

Ride On (just not here)!

I pay for this service not practical jokes.  It shows a complete lack of business savvy to do things like this. 

Tell me ONE person who would leave Zwift if they didn’t do this (I can’t believe there’s a single one)? 

How many people might they lose of this.  At least several in this thread. 

I’m tolerant of bugs because I’ve done software development and I know how hard it is to test every case.  Intentional things that annoy customers is another issue. 

Starting to think cyclist have no sense of humor.

Hmmm… I didn’t plan to ride tooday, but I have found it fun and was looking for the “targets”. I’ve ridden all the routes and I have found it very nice and fun :slight_smile:

For serious trainings Go to the Alps, no squirrels there!

I do not like it at all. Any other April Fools joke might be ok but this is simply technical half-assed and very poor humor. I like Alpe du Zwift, but those rediculous newspaper bikes everywhere ruined my pleasure today.

It was just some fun. Some seem to lack a sense of humour. Loosen up a little, 1 day in the calendar, its a joke. Is it that important. Meanwhile life goes on :wink: