Lets be that cool postman guy

New ‘‘gameplay’’ idea:
Lets make a lot of new houses in Zwift and one post office. And let us play postman for extra drops. Let you set your own route and take 1 or multiple packages with you (the more the heavier you are). This will make Zwifters better learn courses and routes on each map and let everyone go to places they otherwise won’t go. It sounds fun, at least, to me

I’d like to see a side game where you can enter “alley cat races” in a revamped Richmond or New York. Racing in streets and back streets with cars and pedestrians etc.
On single speed bikes that you could pick your gear for the course.
Something like that would be cool.
That or/and a courier game, again in a city environment.

both sound fun, would love to see some “mini games” added in the future.

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We had some fun with these.

“Paperboy” would be awesome lol! The new Giro TT map is perfect for it (Zwift graphics are only minor upgrade though)

we had that on April 1st two years ago, and I can only remember the amount of people complaining.

Ken Kato

Mar '18

I logged on today and my bike is pixelated and it’s telling me to throw damn newspapers. how do I turn this “feature” off? really annoying!!!