Post March Update: Bikes (only!) heavily pixellated Mac OS 10.13.3

Post latest update, bikes look like this…

All other graphics seem fine!



I have the same problem on Apple tvOS.

Could be something to do with the date…

I did wonder that, as we know there often little ‘treats’ from the Zwift team…!

What I didn’t admit was that I’d hacked my graphics prefs, so thought it might be a case of '“more fool me”…!

Same issue for me. I hope it is an April Fool, or at least resolved soon. 

It’s April Fools Day and Zwift decided to do something fun like they do every year, plus there’s a chance at gaining some XP. Seems cyclist have no sense of humor.

BTW, it’s a call back to the old Paperboy game.

Is there any map with “squirrels” to be thrown with the newspaper?

I’ve found probably 7 of them (but there are 8 icons). I was “cheating” a bit (I have counted the one at start banner two of three times…). All the icons are marked with green “tick”… nothing but 500xp points?

Some people are so thick. 

Question: how are the bike colors designated for today’s ride? By what level the rider has achieved? My bike was orange and my bf’s was blue. I am level 14 and he is at level 10. Not that it is important, but I wanted a different color bike (I liked the teal/light blue one). 

The same look by Rides with Windows 10, and IPad pro 10.5. Terrible!

for all very disappointed this bike will be forever :stuck_out_tongue:

Another bad upgrade with bad QA.  Com’on Zwift.  Just run the software a second to check it.

Further:  text overlaps at the bottom of the settings panel.

The icon bar keeps popping up and then disappearing.


let’s have a setting for autohide the icon bar that actually works.

Rushed error prone release is spoiling an otherwise really wonderful product.

Focus.  Focus.  Quality.

It will all be back to normal.

Check this out.