April Fools day Zwuft

One of my fellow zwifters who lives in Australia just got this years April fools day thing. Some pictures here: Today is April fools day on Zwift!. If you live in America or anywhere where it is still 3/31 and want it to be a surprise, dont click the link.

I guessed it must be an April Fools Day thing, thanks for confirming it.
For a while there I thought it might be a Zwift judgement of my cycling ability🥴

Real slap in the face for people who have been asking for handcycles


I now have a video recording of it linked on the post.

This is where people’s patience wears thin for a platform they pay for.

There is a long list of easily fixable / useful features people have moaned, complained, asked for. For years… stuff that would make their everyday use of Zwift more fun.

Yet Zwift dedicate programming time and resources to a stupid once a year themed tricycle, that apart from being funny and of novelty value serves zero purpose.

Stuff like this really does hit home, that Zwift doesn’t see the underlying simmering frustrations of its long term users.


I hear what you’re saying and have often been outspoken in these forums about Zwift focusing on solutions to issues that cause user friction. That said, I really do enjoy the fun surprises around Halloween and April Fool’s Day. Maybe it’s silly, but to me as long as Zwift has a sense of humor to do such things I believe they won’t become some boring corporation that only thinks of customers as metrics.


I thought it was entertaining. Took me a while to figure out it’s April’s fools day :slight_smile:

Would your view on April Fool’s and other seasonal celebration “special features” change if the programming was completed as an unpaid hobby activity?

It is common for small things such as these to be completed by apprentice as a learning project or by full time staff in their own time as a bit of fun.

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Told yer. :wink:

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I had a nice giggle at this. Was wondering whether Eric will do a write-up on the performance?! :wink:

And the running this afternoon will be… even more cumbersome for me in that suit!

But regarding the “resource waste” topic. AFAIK this has all been in the game for a while. Bikes and the suits. So no waste there, just fun re-use of existing material.


As long as they keep this as an option for the long term, I’m fine with it.

This has been the assigned bike in the DS pen of ZRL PD events so the asset has been in game at least since January. (Someone who’s been around longer could maybe remember if it has even been used like this some year earlier as well.)

I for one certainly think the devs deserve all the fun they can manage to put into their work, but I also understand that some people’s patience can be wearing rather thin what with all the bugs and lack of new features/roads/…


Not a good day to buy new wheels …

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Well said, after getting ready for a cycle ride this morning and seeing the stupid bikes o couldn’t cope riding so come off. I will be requesting my monthly subscription back this month as it’s not what I sign up for. I signed up for a realistic cycling platform.

There should definitely be an opt-in/out option. I personally hate these April fools/Halloween crap


Shane Miller recognized the trike from its April 1, 2015 use in game.

Zwift has to let us to opt out. I have the conclusion to my clubs weekly meetup time trial series today. Now we have to do this on joke bikes? Seriously? Not fair.

Craig, I get it’s just a bit of a laugh and it’s just a avatar bike that’s been updated - so nothing big has happened, but you joke about getting ready to ride and then end up not riding - but that is exactly what almost happened on Sunday for many here.

Zwift doesn’t account for daylight saving adjustments it seems - so come Sunday morning, the link between Zwift and TP was broken for a whole day. Spent a good 20mins+ on Sunday trying to figure out why my TrainingPeaks planned workout of 2:45hrs wasn’t showing and why duplicates of yesterdays were (before I gave up and just rode without ERG mode) - but it’s these types of issues that frustrate many here - only not to be fixed, but it’s cool, we have Spacesuits, Dinos and Tricycles.

I really like the April Fool’s Day fun on Zwift - I rode especially this morning to see what they’d done.

It’s also good to see they got past the traditional grumble of “why are they spending time on this?” by using something they’d already developed a while ago.

As for those of you who want to “opt out”, I accidentally found a way to do this (at least on a PC):

  1. Join an event (everyone should be on a normal bicycle in the event)
  2. Quit the event
  3. Join another world

I did that this morning and when I rejoined, me and most people appeared to be on normal bicycles.


Tried this, but when I end the ride to join another world, it’s back to April Fool’s.