April Fool's Day

Less serious post since it’s a slow day at work…

Zwift already does a few things on Halloween with masks and maybe even something with another holiday. Thought it would be funny to see what kind of ideas we could come up with for an April Fool’s prank or two.

I’ll go with:

  • Have a random person fly past riders/runners on big climbs using a Segway (AI bot rider).

  • Introducing a red light and crossing guard at an intersection.

  • Have someone driving around the course on a motorcycle (AI bot rider).

  • Have the lava near the volcano get on the road. Riders splash the lava as they ride through it.

The do something ever April Fools day. Big Heads and Big Wheels to name 2.

Ah, good to know. I wasn’t using Zwift back then.  Hopefully, they can mix it up each year.

Yeah here’s last year’s April Fools day big heads.