Halloween / April Fools Course

Hey I it might be fun to introduce a course on Halloween or April Fools to mess with riders.

This dawned on while doing the Watopia tour day 2. The riders need to know surviving the course is random / luck so not to mess with a training plan. The idea is just to create fun.

I was thinking how funny it would be for the T- Rex to come and eat some riders, or the flying Dinos pick a few up, the bear to grab a few, other riders randomly fly off into the hot springs on the decent, pot holes, volcano eruptions etc. Survival is random.

IRL life I have to survive rednecks in trucks, so i love Zwift as its safe and the workout is great, keep up the good work.

I’d be glad to see more gamification in Zwift.

I am not thrilled by the short-term changes at Halloween, New Year’s, etc. I’d rather see the same effort go into enhancements that could be used year-round. Instead of the toy tricycles we get for a few days we could have real handcycles etc. for Zwifters using those in their homes. Instead of the Frankenstein heads we could have more options for avatars: hair styles, etc.

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Hi @arran_leach and welcome to Zwift forums!

Each year Zwift does this by putting people on crazy bikes for April fools day, NYE hats on December 31st. Christmas lights on the trees during the holidays, and this past Halloween we had to go on a scavenger hunt to get a dinosaur costume on our avatar with the head in one spot, left arm in another, etc… It was great fun!

Cool, I’m new this year, so want aware thanks

Last year we were dinosaurs for Halloween, it was a lot of fun. We had to ride a route and find the pumpkins so that we can get all the Dino parts.

Riders in various stages of Dino costume.



I really hated that. Enough so I switched to 1st person view so I couldn’t see my avatar.

I don’t care about “holiday events” doing things like this, I get some people think it’s humorous or fun, but there should be an “opt-out” button for those of us seriously minded people who find it very aggravating.

Really don’t like not being in control of how my avatar presents itself, no matter how short the time frame is.

Opt out might be good, but in the case of last year’s Halloween dino costumes, you also had the option to ride in the guest world, where the costume was not available.

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Which means I would be in control again doesn’t it? Though I made that clear.

It is just a dino costume, and if you rode a different route you would not even get it.

All training dynamics stayed the same, speed, power and elevation.

I heard people ride thru a volcano in watopia. :rofl: :rofl:


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