April Fools 2023...?

I’ve loved the Zwift tradition of an in-game surprise every April 1. But today I did a short ride and couldn’t find anything unusual. Did anyone else see anything?

I think Zwift has moved away from doing anything for April Fools.

Can’t recall anything last year.

Wasn’t last year the event-only big head rides?

(Edit: link clicky)

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Ah yes, they went event only after numerous complaints about free rides being ruined etc…

Not quite the backlash the 1980s graphics got.

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Some People don’t like fun things so Zwift removed the fun. :thinking:


I quite liked the pixelated 1980s one!
Not a huge fan of massive dino costumes but would like to have it as an option or an april fools event so people can join it or not but i guess a reasonable amount of work for little reward from zwift’s point of view