April Fools day Zwuft

I was in a event and after the event was done I was not on the cool big wheel. :frowning:

Same for other people in different events.

Yeah, same for me. I was sad I wasn’t on the trike in my ToW ride too!

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I do digital sculpting/rigging for a living and I can’t believe they dedicated the resources to this goofy stuff when handbikes still aren’t a thing and there’s extremely limited representation for avatars. It’s not THAT hard to do, at all, from the graphics side of things. 🤷

You realize this is the same as in 2015, they just flipped a switch.

Because Zwift is not developing what you want does not mean they are not making progress and moving forward.

It is nice to see that Zwift still do fun things. It is sad to see that the fun things are getting less because the 1% is complaining and Zwift try to appease the 1%.


I would have been very disappointed if they hadn’t come up with some sort of fun today. I like the trikes! :heart_eyes:


Are the trikes slower then regular bikes?

Bunch of moaners on here as always I see…


I’m obviously an old moaner. Need ro be able to opt out of the trikes . I gave up and opened a bottle of wine.

Is there any way to get the tricycle back once you’ve done an event?

What happens if you end the ride and start a new one from the home screen?

I must admit I shifted to camera position 3 (first-person view, no bike) after a few minutes, the head bobbing from side to side made be nauseous. But I didn’t care, I had a TR workout and forgot what we were riding after 5 mins.

Really a nice bunch of whiners here though.


It’s a bit of fun that I suspect most people appreciate, for 2-3 days a year. No point wasting energy on those complaining about it.

That said, it’s absolutely fair to wonder why handcycles are apparently impossible to accommodate when it’s clearly deemed reasonable to design and implement non-standard bikes… for just 2-3 days a year. I can understand why some people consider it a kick in the teeth.


And always the same 1% who seem to be doing it.

The game is the same (improved, in fact) but Zwift was much friendlier, more fun, and a nicer experience in 2015.

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Also, people are probably vastly overestimating the amount of “programming time” it took to implement the April Fools Day avatars in the first place. It’s just a different shell for your avatar and probably has little, if any, affect on anything else in the game world.

I agree the good old days. I will trade a bunch of new routes to get that back.


I thought it was really funny and a fun childhood memory. Do they even still make Big Wheels? I kept laughing so much that my husband finally came up to see what was so funny. So what was a total irritation to some gave me a much-needed bit of levity. I seem to have given myself tennis and golfer’s elbow riding around in Watopia, so the bit of fun cheered me up :slightly_smiling_face:. As it is I am in week 6 of the Pebble Pounder and likely won’t be able to do the FTP test because of my dumb elbow :roll_eyes:. Sigh.

I just wish that zwift would create a bread basket to put on my Buffalo Bike.

That and long French bread and strings of garlic or onions to fill it with a bottle of wine and maybe a paper sack to throw over your back.

Now were talking April Fool. :thinking:


Beth, it sounds like you’re gripping the bars too tightly… In the BMU plan, we were forever being told to “maintain good form” – shoulders down, elbows slightly bent, light grip on the bars.

Sorry if I’m telling you what you already knew.

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Thanks @Ed_Lazda ! It’s good to be reminded to check that. I didn’t think I was, but clearly what I think I’m doing and what I am actually doing are two different things! Hyper gripping combined with the fact that I scooted my seat back so that I would have less pressure on my hands did me in! I might have had slightly less pressure, but I was also far enough away that I couldn’t reach without nearly straightening my arms all the way which lead to locking my elbows. I figured that bit out yesterday. And apparently as soon as I stop thinking about it, I have a tight grip on the bars. I now know that I do this because I have a painful reminder every time. But that’s maybe good because it is an immediate reminder to relax. Bike fit is trickier than it should be. (Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but I think I might have the wrong size bike :woman_facepalming:t3:.)