Side by side cyclops with identical setups - interference - ideas?

Hi - my husband and I have identical Zwift set ups side by side - specifically CyclOps smart trainers, Apple TV, Apple iPhones running the Companion apps and Apple watches. All Bluetooth connections with the AppleTV wired to the televisions. We each have our own Zwift account.

When we train individually, this set up works great and is very stable. But, when we want to train together, the first Zwift connection pairs as normal. The second connection doesn’t pair consistently - Zwift doesn’t see the second set-up and doesn’t pair. Sometimes restarting the CyclOps enables pairing, but not usually. And, sometimes once paired, the pairing will drop in the middle of a ride and can’t be restored.

We have confirmed that we have the latest CyclOps firmware, AppleTV Zwift version, the latest Companion version.

Any ideas on what’s going on and how to fix it?