Two trainers

we have two new cyclops Magnus trainers. I just worked out (using the Zwift App on our new Apple TV 4K)

My husband just tried to use Zwift (logged into his profile/email PW etc… same TV/App etc…  and Zwift id’d his trainer and mine… we selected his… and he started to ride (different route than mine)… and zip… nothing… tried it again… nothing… ideas? What are we doing wrong? 

Are you trying to use 2 trainers for the apple tv app?

Or do you have another device you are trying to use?


Two trainers. Two users.  One Apple TV. But as I understand it, only one of us can use the Zwift app at a time. I would love to ride ( train) together but I don’t think that is possible? 

Yeah you need 2 devices, if your husband has an iPhone or laptop just install the zwift app on that as well and pair his trainer and other stuff to that, you can pair your equipment to the Apple TV.