Shimano freehub


I received my Zwift Hub Classic a few days ago.
I’ve decided to replace the 10-speed cassette (28 teeth)with a 10-speed cassette but with max 36 teeth.
Trying to install it I’ve damaged the freehub.
Now I need to replace it.
Can you help me with this?
Where can I buy one? Or ar there any compatible freehubs?


You have some options:

  1. Contact Zwift support. Maybe they will give you a freehub, or sell you just the freehub.

  2. Buy the Zwift Cog+Click upgrade kit (US$59). The Cog comes installed on a Shimano compatible freehub, and then you have the Click shifter as well if you want to use virtual shifting.

  3. Buy a Jetblack Volt freehub body, which is the same type used on the Hub. (Note this is different from the Jetblack Whisperdrive freehub for their older trainer)

What’s the nature of the damage?

I don’t know how to explain. But when I tried to install the new cassette, I could not fit the cap.
It would not go straight, so I’ve managed to ruin it when screwing the cap. I could not put the cap straight. I don’t know why it seemed to not fit. Even the cap that came with the existing cassette did not fit easily.

If the lockring threads in the freehub are damaged, you may be able to clean them up using a utility knife. I would start several threads down into the freehub (where the threads are hopefully clean) and run the blade through the threads as if I were unscrewing the lockring. You could also take it to a bike shop to see if they can clean it up and correctly thread a lockring into it. If threads are damaged on the lockring itself I would replace that. Bike shops usually have a lot of extra lockrings because there’s a fresh one with every new cassette. It will be best to use a steel lockring (some are aluminum).

By the way, we have seen a few examples of freehubs or lockrings that were damaged during manufacturing or assembly. If you saw anything like this you should ask for a free replacement.

I already checked with a bike shop and they said they can not do anything and I should try to buy a replacement hub. They tried to clean it and stuff, but it still does not work. They say I ruined the threads on the hub.

Unfortunately, I did not check before I took off the original cassette if the cap was straight or not. It might happen that it was already damaged, but I can not prove that now.
This is my first home trainer and I can not use it.

Contact support. You will have to play games with the chat bot for a while but eventually it will let you open a support case. They sometimes give small parts away so it’s worth talking to them.


I was trying to see if anybody had some problem with the freehub and knows what type it is so I can search and buy one.