Help needed

Can someone please point me in the right direction on which free hub body to get. My zwift has a 10 speed cassette on it but for now I need to put a 7 speed cassette on it. The hub is too long for the 7 speed cassette. From what I’ve read I need a 7 speed free hub. There’s so many out there. I purchased one but the diameter is too small. Has anyone else had this problem, if so how did you rectify this?

Hi @Sharon_Ferguson, welcome to the forums.

You should have a read through this thread as it looks to have all the answers to get you sorted …

There is no 7 speed freehub body for the Zwift hub so you need to work with the factory freehub. Your 10 speed cassette probably has a roughly 1.8mm spacer under it. If you add two more of those, that’s probably about right for 7 speed. The things you should look out for are if the cassette cogs feel loose after the lockring is tight (add another 1mm spacer), or if the lockring doesn’t have enough threads engaged to achieve proper torque - it can strip out if the lockring isn’t threaded far enough into the freewheel body.

Thank you for that. It has been driving me mad trying to find one.