Zwift hub 12 speed cassette

I have just purchased a zwift hub and I am beyond disappointed. Aside from a lengthy issue with set up and still not being able to calibrate the hub, I have this morning found the end cap that hold’s the cassette to the spline has fallen off. It is pretty clear it barely had 1 turn on the thread due either the spline or the end cap not being long enough to connect properly. I believe the 12 speed cassette has been fitted to a spline length for 11 speed.
It was also full of metal filings when I took it off

On top of all these problems, zwift customer help is beyond a joke! No helpline phone number of online chat. And the online help section is useless.

You’ll need to persist with the chat bot until it lets you open a support case. You will probably get a replacement trainer or parts.

12 speed cassettes are designed to fit 11 speed freehubs, but clearly something went wrong.