Shimano Dura Ace Power Meter (FC-R9100-P)

If you own Shimano’s power meter built into their Dura-Ace crankset model FC-R9100-P, you may be wondering why you can’t find its Bluetooth power or cadence signals in Zwift. Note: we’re not talking about a third party power meter grafted onto a Shimano crank. This is the Shimano-made power meter.

The crankarm is capable of broadcasting in both ANT+ and Bluetooth LE (BLE) but the crank must be on its firmware v 4.1.7 or newer for the BLE signal to work. In earlier versions of the firmware, the BLE radio was disabled, and only the ANT+ signal worked.

If the BLE signal is not visible to Zwift - you’ll likely have to update firmware. Here’s how:
Step 0: You did have the power meter’s battery charged, didn’t you? :wink:

  1. Fully charge the power meter’s battery. If you try to overwrite firmware on any device with a low battery, you WILL brick that very expensive device. Also fully charge your iPhone / iPad running the Shimano app.

  2. Reference Shimano’s dealer manual for this crankarm:
    This has some troubleshooting instructions that can be useful.

  3. Install Shimano’s e-tube Project app for iOS. The Windows version for Di2 components will not pair to the power meter. The Android version will install but may not function on many Android devices. Borrow someone’s iPhone if you have to. Trust me on this.

  4. In the Shimano app, push “Bluetooth LE Connection.”

5 Wake up the crankset by pressing the multifunction button on the right side of the crank until the LED turns green. Let go of the button.

  1. The app should find the FC-R9100-P

  2. You’ll be prompted to change the default Bluetooth password 000000 (that’s six zeros). Your life will be easier if you bypass this step and hit cancel.

Why? If you changed the default password, you will not be able to pair to the power meter the next time you try to connect Shimano’s app to it. That’s because iOS still thinks its password is 000000. To solve this, go into iOS setttings > Bluetooth, then “forget” the power meter by holding down the “i” icon. After it’s forgotten, pair again with the password you chose.

  1. If a firmware update is available, you’ll be prompted to update it. Follow the instructions.

  2. After the update, you’ll see this screen:

  3. Hit the button that says “zero offset calibration.”

11 Very important final step Hit the hamburger menu in the upper right, and select “Bluetooth LE disconnected” This writes your changes to the power meter, and terminates the session.

If you forget the Bluetooth password and need to reset it
*Connect the AC charging cable to the power meter like you’re charging it.

  • Press and hold the button on the power meter for 3 seconds, then release. The LED indicator will not change. Just count to three slowly and release the button.
  • The password will be reset to the factory default 000000
  • Disconnect the AC charging cable.
  • Make the iPad / iPhone forget the device as shown upstream.
  • Reconnect using 000000.

Hardware Reset
If you’ve having problems with the electronics of the power meter, you can reset it to factory default. This will not revert it to the original firmware version.
See Shimano’s dealer manual for instructions.

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