Serpentine 8 route achievement not recognized

I have cycled serpentine 8 but when I look on my cycling achievements it is not recognized- it shows on the companion that I did it but not on the achievements. Any thoughts??

Did you continue to do the full distance? That route has a long lead in…

You need to pass the start/finish arch three times on that route, which catches a lot of people out.

I actually cycled 15 miles ?? Not sure I saw the finish line

Looking back I just kept cycling and didn’t see anything directing me back to the start ??

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It looks like you stopped a bit early. You needed to continue to the arch at the bottom one more time.

This might help:

What I don’t understand is that I started on serpentine 8 - it said 12 miles.
I just followed the directions- never ventured out- still going at 15 miles.

How can we be expected to know that you have to go 3 times around etc when there are no directions. You follow where they take you and expect at 12 miles to reach the end ??
I have no idea how to complete this route.

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Well, there is always a lot of confusion on this when people first start with Zwift. Basically, nearly every route has a ‘lead in’ before the actual route starts. The lead in is delineated by a blue line in the route selection screen, and the actual route is shown in a white line.

As for the ‘route distance’ you see in the selection screen, this is the distance of the actual route (white line) EXCLUDING any lead-in distance. Why Zwift has chosen to not list the lead in distance in the route selection screen is beyond me, but that’s the way it is (for now, at least). The route itself is the ‘stretch of road’ you will repeat again and again if you choose that route, whereas you will only cover the lead in once. (Unless, of course, the lead in later becomes part of the route, as with the Lutcher routes).

Also, most routes (there is only one exception I can think of, and that is the Uber Pretzel) start and end at an arch or banner. So, if you’re not sure if you’ve completed the route, just keep going until you pass under and arch or banner, and then you’ll likely see the ‘Route Completed!’ achievement notification on your screen.

As a reference, Zwift Insider is essential:

Thanks for the info. I have gone into serpentine 8 again - no lead in ; no arch or banner I therefore do not understand when it starts and as I said I just cycled for 15 miles - not changing the course just following where it took me. I cannot work out why I did not complete the course

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Mike Fardy

Where did your avatar start? Near the windmills? If so, you should have passed under the arch at the bottom of the route at least twice. (I tried to look at your activity, but it looks like you are still riding today.)

It took me 16 miles and that is with cutting corners using the Sterzo.

And it looks like you were just short of finishing looking at your activity on the ZCA.

16.4 miles when I completed the route so I think you’ve stopped short.

Thanks for your help - it just seems to start in the middle of the mountain road.

To explain - when I start I click on routes - watopia - serpentine 8 - press ride and it starts anywhere - can’t remember when I saw a banner.

What am I doing wrong ??

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Mike Fardy

You just need to ride a little farther to get the Achievement. I think you go under the arch 3 times.

I’ve not been riding today

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Mike Fardy

The “banner” is one of those not very obvious ones. It’s a rock arch near to the caves, and has a lap counter just by it (which will probably read zero each time, because that’s for a different lap,. Jungle Circuit, and on Serpentine 8 you keep changing direction).

Don’t worry, Zwift has quite a few not-obvious-at-all quirks and this is one of them. But it’s always worth studying routes on Zwift Insider -

Thanks for the replies - really helpful but it is a pity Zwift don’t have a way of showing the route whilst you’re cycling it to ensure you’re doing it correctly.

One further question - Is it possible to break up the cycling into stages so that you get the completion badge at the end - theres one or two really long distances

Thanks again

I’ve cycled this twice and have yet to see the arch ?

To complete the route you need to ride about 16.5 miles, none of your rides on the route have been long enough to get the achievement.

You should see the arch on the minimap. See the image below.

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Have a look at this video, at 35:01. The arch is either just after or just before the caves, depending on which direction you’re travelling.