Lead in

Could you have the lead in on the rides that are selected usually because you are riding to get a badge, I’ve done 2 lately - Serpentine 8 which is only a 19km ride I was still biking at 24 - no finish,no badge - nothing very frustrating would be good if we got the km countdown like you do on the event/race rides

Serpentine 8 has a 7.3km lead-in, which is a long one.

Best thing to do is to familiarise yourself with all the route details in advance, including the lead-in and whwre the finish is, via a resource like Complete Master List of All Zwift Course Routes - Zwift Insider

With Serpentine 8 you need to go through the start/finish arch three times to complete the route.

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They should just add lead-in info on the route selection page. Why make people have to go to 3rd party sites to find this information?


By the end of the week you won’t have to. :wink:


It’s coming this week. Plus the ability to see when picking a route if you have previously completed it.


Is there a “Features Coming Soon” thread I should be following?

It was shown on World of Zwift this morning. :+1: