Sensors say 'No Signal'

I’ve been trying to get started for a week now-no reply from zwift help so can anyone here help? Elite Novo Smart turbo-devices say they are paired and connected but there is also a ‘No signal’ warning on the screen on top of the connected sensors. What does this mean and how do I fix it please? Thanks

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Can you give us more information, like what device you are using for Zwift, how do you pair.

Hi Gerrie Elite novo smart linking by bluetooth to brand new Samsung tablet. Lights on turbo are flashing, zwift app says the paired device is connected with power source, controllable and cadence but in these blue boxes it says ‘no signal’. The zwift companion app seems to record the distance I have ridden but on the tablet screen I do not actually move-my character sits at the start line then at zero everyone else rides off into the sun with me sitting there! Thanks for any help or advice. Rik

Sound strange.

Can you unpair the trainer and start pedaling the pair as power source and see if you see power numbers.

Also check the permissions for the zwift APP it should have permission to everything like Bluetooth and location.

Open setting in the tablet go the Bluetooth devices and forget the trainer.

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Rik, make sure you are using the companion app on your phone and not the zwift app, both should be available. Also, if you have the companion app, then use that to pair your devices. that phone and your tablet would both need to be connected to your home wifi network to communicate. you should see a small pic of a smart phone on the top left of the pairing box that is bright white, meaning communicating with your phones companion app then your devices should be available.
Also, on your companion app (when it is active and connected) there should be a bluetooth symbol in the upper right. When you tap on it, it will list the devices that are connected actively.

hola rik, yo lo baje en un samsung, se empareja bien y tambien tengo el mismo problema que aparece en pausa “sin señal”