Sending lost workout file from Zwift to Email

Yesterday did a meetup but forgot to save. Found the file (iPad) and emailed to myself (several times to several email addresses), but as of today still have not seen them. I’ve checked the spam files and all inboxes, nothing! Tour of Fire and Ice, 15 min faster on the Alp than last attempt. Would love to get the info onto Strava. Thx.

Where / how did you find your lost file on the iPad? This morning’s Tour for All run failed to save.

This could help you:

Or here:


I’ve done these steps but didn’t receive the email… (I sent multiple times to multiple email addresses and none showed up. Checked spam files and everything. Even went to Zwift profile to make sure the email account I gave was correct.)…

Is there a chance it uses the Apple mail app and you don’t have that set up? (I can’t remember how it worked when I used it)

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this is EXACTLY what happened. Now I got it… It was floating somewhere on my ipad. Thx Ben!

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