IOS email .fit and log files doesnt work

There was an issue with my latest ride not being saved, or showing up, which was rather annoying as I had only ridden it to hit both my weekly goals on zwift and strava. However, once I select my .fit files, I select OK and I dont get to the email sender/viewer/whatever. I dont know if this is a bug or just something missing in my ipad. I have emailed myself these files before, although not recently…

Same happened to me the other day from iPad. Lost a 517 km ride. Tried emailing the fit files several times, nothing. Put in a support ticked and was asked to do what I had already done.

Please vote this up to see if it can get support. If the email function is not working this is a problem. Of course zwift not saving rides properly is another problem!

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I had the exact same problem. It seems like Zwift fails to open the email program. It has worked in the past.

I used the itunes method to copy the Zwift folder into my PC so I could get the log files for a recent issue. I’m not sure if that copies the fit files as well as I was able to download them from the website.

Having the same problem today. Did you manage to get an answer on this?

I belive my zwift was disconnected during my ride today. It still logged 32 miles but won’t transfer into Strava. I cannot even get a fit file from it. I have contacted zwift but they did not help and did not contact me back again. Have I lost this posits workout? Or is there something else I csb do?

Hi Noe-

Did you try uploading via the companion app -
how to upload fit file from companion app

I think you can also download the fit file instead of emailing via the website, just go to the individual activity and you can download the fit file under the settings icon… You can see how to do it here (although the interface has changed a bit)

Hope that helps!