Segments not counting at when finishing at route-end

I recently had a Segment Series and 2 of the routes ended at a Banner and the Segment for that route ended at that banner too… for a number of people, myself included, this segment was not seen as a segment… although on 80% of people it was.
Will this bug be fixed any time soon?

Segment Series done was the Valhalla Summer Segment Series.

From my experience Primes/Segments on the Finishline/banner don’t always work…the best way to avoid this is to create a custom finish 100m after the banner.

Yep, I found exactly this on our last series… hot and miss if the segment counted and nothing to do with finishing place, or rider interaction at all.

Mill do exactly that and end ride at least a couple hundred metres past the route end.

Just a shame Zwift haven’t fixed the bug now they own ZP

I’ll flag this with the event organiser but also pick up the conversation with our ZP developer around finish line / segment coinciding.

We spoke about it a week or so ago but he’s on holiday currently.

Thanks James.

I am the event organiser in this instance and saw about 20ish riders have the issues.

It would be awesome to have this bugged out… what’s the likelihood I could be made aware of a fix being completed?

Cheers again

Ah sorry - I dropped Jeff an email (he likes sending me emails when I’m on holiday so that makes us even, haha!).

I know this is a pain from prior experience, so you certainly have my apology for that. I’ll try to remember to pop back in.