Searching for Paired Devices.... FOR AN HOUR

Hello Everyone. FRUSTRATED. I want to ride, but it ZWIFT Can’t find my Wahoo Kickr, Ticker, and Cadence unit. I am using Apple TV… I usually use Zwift Companion on my Android phone, and usually everything is wonderful. Today I left my phone at somebody else’ house, and Zwift won’t pair up… COINCIDENCE??? Does Zwift need to have my COMPANION running to pair up with my Wahoo?? I ran Zwift for a month just fine without Companion…

THANKS FOr any help

Lone Woof

Hey Lone Woof, sorry to hear Zwift is not connecting to your devices! We do have an article that has great troubleshooting solutions for these pairing issues:’t-pair-my-bluetooth-devices-(cycling)-S1DW01ZBQ

If you’re still having trouble after trying out all of these steps please send us a support conversation here:

I would give up on the TickerX and Zwift
I worked with it Try to get it work for far too long ]
Just received a replacement from Wahoo, but still the same issue
There one minute gone to the next.
Moved from PC to IPad. Same issues.

Bought a new Dual GARMIN heart rate chest strap. Worked immediately.
Just a suggestion.
Full point to wahoo for supporting, but just doesn’t work and I’d rather ride.