Searching for Paired Devices.... FOR AN HOUR

(lone) #1

Hello Everyone. FRUSTRATED. I want to ride, but it ZWIFT Can’t find my Wahoo Kickr, Ticker, and Cadence unit. I am using Apple TV… I usually use Zwift Companion on my Android phone, and usually everything is wonderful. Today I left my phone at somebody else’ house, and Zwift won’t pair up… COINCIDENCE??? Does Zwift need to have my COMPANION running to pair up with my Wahoo?? I ran Zwift for a month just fine without Companion…

THANKS FOr any help

Lone Woof

(Vincent) #2

Hey Lone Woof, sorry to hear Zwift is not connecting to your devices! We do have an article that has great troubleshooting solutions for these pairing issues:’t-pair-my-bluetooth-devices-(cycling)-S1DW01ZBQ

If you’re still having trouble after trying out all of these steps please send us a support conversation here: