New Update won't pair any of my devices

(Martin Gerry) #1


There was a new update to Zwift within the last few days (today is Feb 9, 2018) and every since the Feb 2018 update, Zwift won’t pair with any of my devices.  Prior to this I had basically no issues.  My set up is:


Wahoo Kickr v1.5.68

Wahoo Blue SC Cadence



Please help resolve this problem!

(Niels Cornelisse) #2

Same here.lost many times the heartrate connection, have the Tickr

(VIR NG) #3

Same here.

(Brendan Axel Foley) #4

since the update my apple tv crashes every 2 mins!!! 

(Paul Graham) #5

What computer set up are you using Martin?

(Jonathan Clark) #6

I am having a similar issue. I use a computrainer and a mac mini connect to my tv. The mac zwift app won’t find the computrainer at all, this just recently started. It has been working great for months. I found the /dev/cu.* from terminals from another thread and it shows the usbserial-FT******** device in the list. 



(julie adams) #7

I’m having the same issue!!!  HELP!!!  I heavily rely on my trainer & all of a sudden it can’t find my trainer.  I tried to just ride today & I can’t even adjust the power, I had it sync’d with my bike power meter & it was worthless.  I NEED to have this fixed asap, I have a race soon & it’s too cold & dangerous to ride outdoors right now.

(T Rock-T Rex 58 YO Turtle) #8

Did the 3 x 15 FTPs yesterday. (1.5 hours). Killed my legs, but in the middle of the workout i saw the cadence go crazy high and heartrate go to zero for a few seconds (10 seconds?). then come back… This happened maybe 10 times over about 15 minutes. Went away and did not come back… PC computer- plenty fast with high end graphics and ANT+. (No bluetooth)  This set up has had no issues until this most recent update in February… I also was not able to make a calibration with my Kicker inside ZWIFT. (Failed- twice) . I was able to make the calibration / spindown with the IOS wahoo fitness app.  just seems a little to coincidental to have these two problems right when a new SW release was issued.

(Sophie Girolami) #9

Same here, lots of problems since last update, haven’t been able to perform even 1 workout without issues. Signal drops in the middle of the workout without reason.

Running on Tacx Flux - ZML (android) and computer via wifi connection.
Hope this will get corrected asap. 

(Jez Robin) #10

Same issues as above, been fine for months now it won’t connect to my Wahoo Kickr Snap, ANT+ finds the cadence sensor and HR no problem but not my trainer, very annoying, please help asap.

(Paul Graham) #11

Do you have a way of checking the Kickr is broadcasting Jez … that is, ideally with a Garmin ANT+ head unit or as an experiment, a phone using BLE?

(Jez Robin) #12

It works fine when I connect it using the Wahoo app on my iphone albeit I know this will be via Bluetooth.

(Paul Graham) #13

@Jez - Can you interact with Zwift via the ZML BLE iOS bridge?

(Jez Robin) #14

Thanks very much for coming back to me on this Paul but unfortunately you have lost me there, can you explain what you mean please?


(Paul Graham) #15

Sorry Jez, I should have asked for some details before that last post. What do you use to view and interact with the Zwift game?

(Jason Rumanek) #16

On my iPhone, Zwift does not find cadence and HR monitor but finds my Wahoo Kickr Snap.  Please help

(Jez Robin) #17

Paul, I connect via a Sony Vaio laptop, I have an ANT+ dongle that has always worked in the past and as I say is still connecting to my HR and cadence sensors but it suddenly stopped finding the trainer. I did note that the Bluetooth symbol wasn’t highlighted on the Zwift screen but I din’t know if that has always been the case. I have updated the firmware on the trainer and tried re-installing Zwift on the laptop but still no good.

(Paul Graham) #18

I’ve had some connection problems in the past, I’d like to say, just connect this to that and all will be well again. For me, it has never been that way <sigh>

These are not questions, more a list of checks:

Are you using the ANT+ dongle on a USB extension - if yes try inserting the dongle directly into the computer, bring the computer real close to the trainer. (What version of Windows is your PC running?)

The Bluetooth symbol will not highlight unless you’re using BLE to connect your devices. (You cannot use the native PC Bluetooth if it has that tech)

As a work-around your iOS iPhone device can be used as a bridge to take the Bluetooth signal from the trainer and send it to Zwift via your WiFi router. The phone and the PC must be on the same wireless router.

Have a browse of this post from Zwift: 

Personally, I find ANT+ to be the most stable configuration and would probably try a few different set ups to try and get it working.

(Paul Graham) #19

@Jason Rumanek - are your HR and cadence devices Garmin ANT+ or Bluetooth BLE?

The iPhone will not detect ANT+ devices.

The Kickr is ANT+ and Bluetooth so will be detected by the iPhone via Bluetooth.

(Jason Rumanek) #20

@paul graham

Thanks for the response.  It is a Garmin ANT+.