Is there a way to setup a Schwinn Evolution spin bike to Zwift?  For example, what if i put power meter pedals on it and used an ant+ chest strap for heart rate.  Would that work?

you would want to rig up a cadence sensor as well, like the Garmin GSC-10. in theory this would all work but without a controllable trainer, such as a Wahoo KICKR, you will be missing out on the ability to have the resistance change based on the in-game gradient and as for the Workout Mode, you will have to manually change resistance to try to match what is expected. so in other words, you won’t be getting the ideal Zwift experience.

earlier in the year, I would ride Zwift using a Stages power meter while riding on my Kreitler rollers. my avatar would move in-game but I was missing out on the full experience. then when the Workout Mode was introduced I knew I had to get a controllable trainer in order to take advantage of it. that’s when I got a KICKR. the KICKR alone is a great trainer but when coupled with Zwift and Workout Mode, its all you need to get through a winter/season of training indoors.


Thanks Michael - very helpful.  That makes good sense.