Help New to Zwift

Hi all. I’m new to Zwift and I’m trying to understanding all it’s capabilities so I can make the most of it.
I have purchased a spin bike but my understanding is it doesn’t pick up my resistance. If I increase resistance and pedal harder my rotations and power reduces on Zwift so on sprint trials I have to keep resistance off and just pedal as fast as I can which doesn’t work. Is there anything I can purchase so it picks up my resistance?
Thanks in advance.

No, the best you could do is to purchase pedal based power meter to at least your power and speed would be correct in Zwift.


What brand and model of spin bike did you get, they don’t really work for Zwift, only a few select models are supported but even then the resistance must be changed manually.


Any recommendations? Make / models?

It’s a Nero sports Bluetooth spin bike

You would have to do a little research to find out what would work for that bike. you may have to contact the manufacture of the spin bike and/or power meter manufactures.

That is not listed as a supported indoor bike on Zwift’s website, regardless of what the manufacturer says.

If you want to make the most of Zwift, get a Smart Trainer and bicycle. If you want to make due, at less cost, with Zwift get Cyclops or KK fluid trainer (probably an Elite equivalent if you are in Europe) and speed sensor (Garmin or Wahoo) and a bike.

@Jason_Smith11: If you’re keeping the spin bike, Paul’s advice is good.

One popular power meter pedal is the Favero Assioma. With that, or a reliable model from another brand such as Garmin, your power in Zwift would be practically as good as it gets.

You won’t get the hill resistance simulation that smart trainers provide, particularly wheel-off smart trainers like the Wahoo KICKR Core, but those cost more and require a bicycle. If you want to go all in, I’d recommend a combination like that, but you can get a lot out of Zwift without that expense.

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Thanks for your help.