Is it possible to use a spin bike?

 I have a fairly smooth spin bike but no gears and only pad resistance. Is the Zwift experience possible with the spin bike and perhaps some kind of power measuring device?


You could use this if it fits:

Or pedal base power meter.

I don’t understand why the negative votes. ??


If you can get pedal based power meters (ie power tap pedals) then you can have fun on Zwift.

It wont simulate the gradients but you can control the resistance. 

I think it will be a nice setup.


We have a few spin bikes in our gym at work.  I have used a Power Cal HR monitor chest strap which estimates watt from your heart rate variability and transmits both HR and Watts to Zwift via Bluetooth.  It worked OK for the most part during the few times I used it.

They are relatively cheap … like $79 USD. 

I’ve just done this with a set of power meter pedals and a heart rate monitor. It all works well on Bluetooth to my iPhone and also on my Mac using an Ant+ usb stick. Very happy with it.

Thanks Bob Venturi. The info about the chest strap is an interesting idea - and I didn’t know that it was an option.


I’ve been looking for something to improve the sessions in an Hotel gym when away. That might just do the trick. I’ve now ordered one (plus a Wahoo cadence sensor). So fingers crossed.