New bike new starter

Hi i have just ordered a spin bike. Jll ic300 pro. I want to set up on zwift. Can anyone advice the best method and equipment?

Hi @Patrick_Achilles, welcome to the forums.

If your intention is to use this spin bike with Zwift and nothing else, cancel the order and get a smart trainer. This bike is not supported unless you can put power meter pedals on it which is another $500 or so. If you have a real bike you can use, get a smart trainer (wheel on or direct drive) so you will get the best experience. Spin bikes generally are not supported by Zwift.

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Mike is correct. At best you might be able to set up your bike as a dumb trainer but you’d need to mount a speed sensor on the wheel near the hub and I can’t see how you’d do that. Even if you could you’d be able to move your avatar but that’s about it. You wouldn’t feel hills or decents nor the draft effect. Zwift wouldn’t control your trainer resistance.

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Thanks for advice, the bike is more for my partner to do spin classes i was just hoping there was a way for me to have a go on zwift. I guess if the power pedals are that price its probably better getting a trainer for my bike.