New "smart bike"

Hi All,
I’ve been investigated what smart bike, trainer or spin bike to get.
I would love a Stages SB20 for instance but the price is very high.
I specifically want something that doesn’t involve my existing bikes (or potential new bikes), mainly because I don’t want to be constantly mucking about with them taking the wheels on and off, and because I need something that works for me and my partner, e.g. adjustable, not having really specific pedals on, and because using the bike on the turbo already hammers it.

I found this option which is more my preffered price range.

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Some reviews suggest it can work with Zwift perhaps with some (confusing) limitations?
Has anyone tried that or have a better suggestion?

Hi @Andrew_Butler2, welcome to the forums!

I read a few of the reviews of this bike on Amazon, and they indicate it does broadcast power so Zwift should be able to pick it up. However, this bike will not be controlled by Zwift, so when there are hills/inclines in the game the bike will not change resistance to match and will be less immersive.

This will be a similar experience with all the lower cost “spin” bikes that can broadcast power to Zwift, they don’t change resistance with the terrain and that is a major factor (for me anyways) when considering all the trainer/smart bike options.

Thanks Mike
Roberto is suggesting the Echelon EX3 as a better option, perhaps that would have the resistance function?
I’m hesitant as it’s more expensive, and I’m not sure if it requires a additional monthly subscription, or not, it depends which review you read.

No that won’t automatically adjust the resistance either, you have to manually control resistance with the knob on the down tube, similar to any standard spin bike.

As Mike has mentioned it does not change resistance with the gradient. So you need to consider what is more important having a bike that can adjust for different size riders or hill simulation. at your price point you don’t have the option of both.

Another option is a used dumb spin bike with Power pedals, the advantage is you can then use those pedals on your outside bike.

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You will really miss out on a lot of the Zwift experience IMHO if you don’t get something that will automatically adjust resistance according to the Zwift terrain. And ideally have a device that is on Zwift’s supported trainer list to give you the best chance of a good ongoing experience.

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The only smart bikes with Resistance ticked on Zwift s list are 1000 GBP more than I’d ideally spend.
The Ex3 is not on the list, but Roberto says it an work, plus available for sale on wiggle for 799 which is quite a bit less than say Stages SB20 or Neo Smart Bike.
Adjustability for us both is very important otherwise it’s not worth it.

The alternative is you can ‘make’ one.

What is a smart bike? It’s a turbo with a frame built on to it. Get 2 cheap frames and a good turbo trainer, and you’re quids in.

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