Spin bike

will zwift work on a spin bike?

General answer is no. Here is a link to supported hardware: https://www.zwift.com/hardware?__znl=en-gb

What spin bike?

You could put pedal based power meters on it and it would work.

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its a Dripex bike 9320, Paul

You will need pedal based power meter to get accurate in-game speed readings.

If you rig a speed sensor to it your speed will not be accurate.

I bought a Life Fitness IC5, not intended to work with Zwift, but in fact, it does pair via Ant+. You only need a Ant+ dongle receiver for your computer. Zwift won’t be able to control the bike though. You need to increase/decrease resistance.

That spin bike is on the Support Hardware link I posted though, his is not.

Glenn “Duff”, you need a high end spin bike to be able to use it with Zwift. I have seen on Schwinn web site that their $999 spin bike can work with Zwift. I also heard that for extra money, one can get a Peloton with a built-in Zwift capability (reportedly, it is an option which one has to order). With most spin bikes, the answer is no because they do not transmit power and their resistance cannot be controlled by the application.