Spin bike setting

Hi everyone, I have a spin bike and would like to connect it to zwift, what do I need?
now I have a cadence sensor for the pedals, but do I also need the speed sensor? thank’s

Hi @Davide_Guarise

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There is no good way to add a speed sensor to a spinning bike. Also a spinning bike does not have a power curve, so there is no cheap way to use a spin bike on zwift.

If you can fit power meter pedals to the bike then you can use zwift with accurate numbers.

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OK so before I start I will say I’m new and I’m by far no expert. But I have a spin bike and got all connected with zwift using wahoo cadence and a speed sensor. I recommend you put the speed sensor as close to the centre of the spin wheel. Also I selected a small tire size otherwise you will be out riding the pro’s with little effort. You can get power sensor pedals like Gerrie said but they are crazy expensive and if your going to invest that sort of money I would probably get a smart trainer and a bike… But that’s my personal feeling.
But for me the spin bike and sensors are enough. Waights lifting and crossfit is more my thing than endurance racing so the investment in more expensive gear just doesn’t make sense for what I use it for. Although I will say its very tempting to go all in as zwift is the most fun I had doing cardio for a long time.

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