Schwinn Magnetic Bike Trainer

(ChrisNelson HypnoToad) #1

I am experienced with Zwift, my wife is having great success with our set up. And I use it from time-to-time (but I prefer the cold, snowy fatbike rides better than the sweaty indoor rides). I say this first to let you know that I do understand setting up Zwift. 

I am trying to help a friend, this person has a Garmin 520 with speed, cadence, and heart rate sensors and she ordered the ANT+ dongle. The issue, she has a Schwinn trainer that has not been calibrated by Zwift (it is not listed for set up in Zwift); therefore, she needs to find a similar trainer that has been calibrated by Zwift. To do this, I figured somebody may have data on the resistance of this Schwinn trainer; this would allow her to select a Zwift supported trainer that has similar resistance and get her ‘close enough’ to get started. We are trying to keep the costs down, so adding force sensors or replacing the trainer is not attractive at this time.

Any help is appreciated! 

(Juan Ferres [BRT]) #2

None of those trainers are offering a reliable resistance in any case. Is too associated to wheel air presure and contact zone with the trainer. So, look in the home page i posted, but just remember that direct transmission trainers are the way to go (no wheel), and they are going cheaper and cheaper. 

(ChrisNelson HypnoToad) #3

THANK YOU! This is great. 

(Maurizio Gigliotti) #4

Zpower in zwift