How does Zwift work with a classic trainer?

(Manuel Sinner) #1


I am new to Zwift and do not understand how the system works in combination with a classic trainer. I have a cadence, speed and heart rate sensor connected to my computer.

Since I am using a classic trainer, the system does not get any information about the resistance level of my trainer (which I am able to set). But this information would be essential for computing the power data. Or is there any indication on the user interface which demands a certain resistance level of my trainer? This would make sense, because I had to let the system know which trainer I am using. Or do I always need to choose the highest resistance level? Yesterday, I started a test ride and was easily capable of riding with more than 300 watts with a heart rate of around 100 bpm. I guess this numbers are at odds with the reality. 

What am I missing here?


(. TomH..) #2

Hi Manuel, 

In order to get fairly accurate readings from a classic trainer you will need one we support, please click HERE for all info. If you have an unsupported trainer you have to choose this option from the list of trainers when pairing. It will get you into Zwift virtual world but it will be inaccurate and you will be capped at 400 watts, therefore we highly recommend a supported classic trainer, power meter or a “smart trainer” for great user experience. 

Hope it helps, Ride On!