Cadence and Power

Hello, I am new to zwift so I am sorry if this is not the right place to ask question. I am using a classic supported trainer, more exactly the TacX Blue Matic, so I have a lever for resistance. There are 10 levels with 700W max power resistance. I want to know what level should I ride on and what gears to be able to have a high cadence( let s say around 80-90 rpm) but also a good Watts. I saw that if I push over 250W cadence is usually low, but if I change the gears and resistance level to be able to pedal faster the speed drops down really hard. Maybe I am just too weak to get a high cadence at also high power but as it is a classic trainer and not a smart one it s worth asking for some advices. Thanks

when paring your trainer speed sensor and you pick your trainer you will see a number that number id your resistance lever number, I think it is number 3.

You should never move the resistance lever.

change your bike gears to make more power. Big front and small rear should give the most power.


Yes, I saw that number 3 when selecting the hometrainer but did not know what it was about. So yeah I was changing the resistance :sweat_smile:. Will keep this in mind next time I ride thanks a lot for helping. And I really enjoy zwift, one and only reason this whole quarantine situation helped cause it got me researching more and find out that I don t need a smart trainer

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