Saving issue on 'current streak' page

Hi there, since the new version of Zwift where the current streak page appears after you save a ride, my windows laptop freezes when i press the orange continue button. I then have to Cont, Alt, Delete to close zwift via Task Manager.

This is increasingly happening - last 4 or 5 FRR rides. Data des appear in ZC but is just called ‘Watopia’ rather than the FRR race name, and some rides do not show on Garmin Connect or Strava as a result.

Is this a latest release bug or something i’m doing wrong. I have been interacting a but more than usual on Game within ZC during FRR - wondered if that was a factor as i get save ride, close messages on ZC as well as the laptop - usually save via laptop.

No problems like that here on my W11 laptop