Have to force stop zwift after ride everytime!

Hi, after every ride when I click save the program never ends or stops. I always have to do a forced stop. The rides do however save to zwift and strava. Also, when I go into settings, then try to close the settings page zwift hangs and never closes…another forced stop! This has been going on for months. I think I am done with zwift! Using Win 11 ssd drive 16gb ram ryzen 7 cpu. I just use this pc for zwift and nothing else. Looks like others have or have had these issues. is there a solution? Will there ever be a solution? I give up!

Have you tried turning off video screenshots? Sounds weird I know but try it.

…when I go to settings to make that change or any other changes, the settings screen hangs I have to do a forced stop. I stated this in my original post.

Sorry, I missed that part

I changed the compatibility mode to Win 8 and was able to save may ride and close out zwift normally. Haven’t check the settings yet…

*my ride

The setting page is now working. I was able to dis able the video upload , click ok and the page closed. So, I guess changing the compatibility mode to Win 8 helped me. We’ll see on tomorrow’s ride…