Zwift not closing properly & ride streak not working

Hey, Zwifters!

Has anyone else had the same issue?
After ending a ride and saving it, the “saving window” freezes, and the Zwift task is not responding anymore (Windows 10).

So far, so good - I have had this issue for a couple of months, and it has not bothered me since the ride was saved and transferred to 3rd parties properly.

Then Zwift introduced ride streaks. The frozen window/task appeared in the ride streak summary in the first few weeks. Since the XP was granted, it was no big deal.

But since the last update, I have had the big issue of the corrupt task again during the saving window - and since then, I have not received any ride streaks anymore! That’s a couple of 1000 XP during the last weeks, which makes this Bug unaccapable.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Simple re-installation did not fix it.
Is there any chance to get the missing XP back?

I’ve been a loyal Zwifter for a couple of years, but that bug makes it much less funny and creates the need to switch to another training app. If the gamification is not fair anymore, there is no point in sticking with Zwift.

The Villain

Any chance you have video screenshots enabled in settings? (Whether it’s there depends on your CPU)

Try turning it off if it’s currently on

Thanks Paul, that was easy!


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