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How do I save a completed ride without exciting the Zwift program ? , Cannot see an option to just save and stay in Zwift.

Same problem, I get kicked out of Zwift before being able to end and save my ride. I am using an IPad.

Not possible (technically) on PC/Mac platform. On iOS & AppleTV it is possible as it takes you back to the main log-in screen instead of fully quitting.

A workaround (which shouldn’t have to be the case to use) is to ride, then when you are getting near done the 1st ride you can create a meet-up for 5 minutes or so from the time (you have to invite 1 person, they don’t need to show up though) and select the world/route you want to do. Then in-game you will see a “join event” button in the bottom right, click it when ready.

This will save your 1st ride to zwift/strava/garmin/etc if you have those connections setup and take you immediately to the next ride without having to close the game.

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Thanks for that does seem silly that you have to exit the program, takes my pc another 5 mins to reload the program otherwise

How is this not possible technically on a PC/Mac platform?

The work-around is unreasonable to navigate through a series of steps while still riding to “trick” the system to set up another route to ride.

Closing this thread so we can keep the conversation in one place: Allow Saves Without Exit

Ride On!

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