Save Without Quit (Mac)

(Richard Passavant (NP)) #1

Please change the “Save & Exit” or “Discard & Exit” functionality to just “Save” or “Discard”

Auto-quitting the app, without the ability to review after saving the session is poor UI - especially since you have the ability to save from the mobile app without touching the Mac.

It’s even worse when coupled with the fact the Mac app will quit with open dialog boxes (like Would you like to change your FTP)

If you want to keep the “combo move” thats fine, but how about adding the /option/ to save or discard without exiting…

Stopping a ride, saving the ride and exiting the app should all be unique actions and not daisy chained together

(Jim Hansen (Seattle)) #2

This has been requested SOOOO many times on this forum.  I can’t imagine they are not working on it.  Seems like a simple change to do…

(Richard Passavant (NP)) #3

Thanks - I didn’t see a specific feature request on it’s own, but did see it included in other comments, etc…

I was hoping this would get marked with “in progress” or “under consideration” after some direct feedback vs getting lost in the noise of some other topic lists I found when searching “quit”

(Joel Bruno) #4

Glad to see I’m not the only one that would like to see this, although I’m on a PC/Windows 7 64-bit system.  When finishing a ride and I save or discard it, I’d like to be able to have the option of staying in the program instead of it automatically closing/shutting down.

Ride on!!

(Michael Henasey) #5

Zwift responded early-on regarding this and stated that when you end and save a ride, you are done riding, so the app exits. That was the thought process I guess.

Makes sense. When I ride outdoors and use a Garmin, I get home and hit stop and save. I’m done riding and I don’t hit start again and ride some more.

Now I know some people like to create different .fit files for each race during the day or to separate the warm-up from the race. I personally always just hit the lap button and keep everything in one .fit file. To each their own.

That said, certainly Zwift could provide you an option to start a new ride instead of exiting. Just remember, a new ride is a new .fit file then.

If Zwift provided an option for you to start a new ride instead of just exiting, the next problem/question would be, where would you like to start? Right where you are or back at the designated start area? Some people would even ask to start with another rider’s location so they can ride with them.

It’s not an impossible problem but it surely now isn’t as trivial as one may think. Zwift will get there, don’t worry. The core functionality is great. These nice little odds & ends will come in time.


(Joel Bruno) #6

That all makes sense, Michael…thanks for the feedback and explanation!!  I guess you’re correct…once I’ve finished a ride/workout, about the next thing I’m ready to do is crawl up in the fetal position and croak. :-\

I guess the reason why I would want to stay in the program is to maybe check my progress, look at other training events for my next ride, or just leave the program up on the screen as “background noise” while I do other things in the house.

After finishing a ride a clicking SAVE, maybe a pop-up box could be programmed to choose “Return to startup screen” (which would take you back as if you just logged in) or “Exit”.  As you said, I’m sure Zwift is all over it and I’ve really enjoyed this great product and camaraderie with other on-line cyclists.  Best regards!!!

(Richard Passavant (NP)) #7

Joel has my thinking too - it’s not that I want to go back to do a new ride immediately after finishing but I’d like to review the ride stats, check out any new equipment I might have earned, change my bike color, etc…  And I can’t do that because the “save & exit” dialog takes over the application, and once I do save I’m summarily dumped out of the application.  Which requires me to then log back in (annoying too since the application doesn’t remember me…) and go through the process as if I was starting a new ride.  Which seems more use friendly - leaving me in the game after saving an activity, or dumping me out and requiring me to log back in?

Personally when I’m going to start a ride that’s usually all I’m focused on - get on and ride!  I don’t usually plan on editing my avatar or settings ahead of time but would rather have the option to do it in game after.

But regardless of “why” it’s poor UX design just to silently quit an application - especially if the application has open dialog boxes waiting for user input (e.g. the FTP update box).

My gut says this comes from the background of the developers as game designers and using game design tools vs desktop application designers - the behavior feels more console like than application like.

(Michael Henasey) #8

When you are done riding, you are not forced to Save & Exit or Discard.

When the Save & Exit dialog is open, just click the orange arrow in the upper left-hand corner to exit out of it.

Then the Pause screen should be up and you can review whatever you’d like.

If the Pause screen is not up, just click or double-click the orange arrow in the bottom left-hand corner of the main game screen.

When you are done and you want to Save (or Discard) the ride, just click the End Ride button from the Pause screen.


(Richard Passavant (NP)) #9

Still poor UI/UX design - I’m an expert computer user and that interaction is not obvious and it’s only a workaround for the fact that I can’t save a ride without exiting the application  - period.

The key problem is 1 inch to the right of the arrow - “Save & Exit” - drop the exit and just have “Save”.  Heck - you could add one or two more buttons that say “Discard & Exit” and “Save + Strava & Exit”

To loop back to your Garmin example - look at it this way:  When you’re done with a ride on the Garmin you tell it the ride is over and it asks you to save - at which point it takes you back to the main screen of the Garmin.  It doesn’t shut your Garmin down.

That’s the same interaction I’m asking for here just don’t force me to quit to save…

(which BTW leads to my personal desire to start the application with the user settings screen each time rather than immediately pushing me into a ride - it took me two rides and a reading of the unofficial manual for me to figure out how to edit my avatar)

(Michael P (SF, CA)) #10

Have to agree. “Save & Exit” dialog is very unconventional on a Mac. I second dropping the “Exit” part. Instead please add a “Quit” menu item.

Loving Zwift and excited to see what the dev team is cooking up!


(Lance Ferden) #11

Agree one example is when I do one of the races and get online to warmup I exit and return to be near the start. When that happens not only do I have to launch the program again but the app doesn’t remember the username password. Not a huge deal more of an annoyance is all.

(Richard Passavant (NP)) #12

“When that happens not only do I have to launch the program again but the app doesn’t remember the username password. Not a huge deal more of an annoyance is all.”

At least this one got resolved in the last update!