Saved activity in ZWIFT returning incorrect data when uploading to STRAVA

I rode the Watopia beach Island loop today for first time. 5.2km in, dropped out. Resumed activity - completed ride at 13.2km. Zwift has logged this as 2 separate rides (each have individual activity references) HOWEVER - only the shorter ride uploads to STRAVA. Exporting the FIT file for the longer 13km+ ride results in a duplicate activity error. Altering the start time using FITTOOLS allowed me to upload the “longer ride” - however STRAVA shows it identical to the shorter ride! Super frustrating as it was a good workout and I was happy with my progress only for it not to register. Any ideas?!

Hi @Rebecca_Woodward1, welcome to the forums.

Have you tried “joining” the two fit files? If that works, you would need to remove the Strava loaded one to avoid the error msg (duplicate). The way to check whether it will work before deleting your Strava activity is to load the joined up fit file to say (create an account - its a freemium service which you can hook into Strava at a later point).

I’ve never needed to join fit files before under these circumstances so I’m curious if this would work.

Hey Dean many thanks for the reply! I have downloaded the 2 x FIT files (confirming Zwift records them as different activities with differing distance in screenshot below) - and joined them using FIT File Tools. Uploaded to ICU - and it’s registering the ride as only a total of 2 x the 5.25km ride. The issue is clearly that the longer activity has only registered 5.25km - am at a loss as to how to resolve this…v frustrating as the Leg Snapper KOM segment was brutal on that loop!

Oh bugger. That just looks like two of the same fit file joined up. I think Zwift means well with the whole “continuing ride” feature but have never really polished the solution when they introduced it a year or so back to provide cohesive solution for those of us that use 3rd party tools like Strava/Intervals etc.

I’m a bit stuck at this point sorry Rebecca. I totally get the frustration.

If you keep getting drops, post here with eth details and the community should eb able to help to avoid the root cause(s) in the first place.

hey Dean - sorry for the delay in replying - office like took over! BUGGER indeed. I agree completely with your sentiment regarding the “continue your ride” comment - I am ok that it maintained my distance … (FIT file thinking it didn’t aside)…however - it is really frustrating that when you do “resume” - the route progress bar starts right from the beginning again and not where you are actually are on the route itself - so in my case yesterday … i had done 5.2km of a 12.8km loop but in reality would have had to do 18km to complete it! this seems a serious glitch to me … or am I being really fussy?! the good thing is - Strava support felt a GPS glitch on my iphone needed to be ruled out so gave me some steps to take. I did. 2 flawless rides since with no dropouts. #rideon

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