Activity complete on zwiift but uncomplete on strava

Hi everyone.
I’ve got problem with my last activity on zwift. I made a 11.4mi 3500ft ride on zwift, well saved in my activities on zwift. But when the activity has been tranfser on strava it’s only a 3 or 4mi ride. Actually this is the begining of the ride which had also been recorded independently of the full ride on my space. If I manually download the .fit file to put it on strava it’s the same thing, got only the first part of the ride and not the complete which is however on zwift and whose I download the .fit file. Can you tell me how to proceed to avoid this bug? Thank you all and have happy holidays. Mélodie

Hi @melodie_dauphin

Your activity feed also shows a short ride (clicking on the activity shows you only started the AdZ climb) even though the numbers probably match what you did. I’d guess that you had some form of network issue between you and Zwift servers (your data feed abruptly stopped 7.4km’s into the ride). Could be wifi, your router (reboot it anyway) or your ISP. Dropping your log file onto might help identify ongoing network issues.

You may have another fit file on your device covering the remainder of the ride and if so, you may even be able to merge them to correct Strava.