Rides not showing up in Activity feed or syncing to Garmin

I’m getting back into Zwift from Oct 2022 and am currently using the 25km trial.

I’ve done 3-4 test rides now and none of them are showing up in my zwift activity feed or syncing to Garmin/Strava/Training Peaks. Even though they appear to be saving quickly and correctly at the end of each ride.

Does it only record in the above if you’re on paid membership? I don’t really want to start subscribing again until the problem is fixed.

Thanks CJ

have any of these test rides been over 2km (or maybe it’s 2 miles)? Under some threshold, I believe that zwift won’t save an activity.

Rides need to be over 2km in order to show up on your Zwift feed.

I believe that you have to be a paid subscriber to export your activities onto a 3rd party platform.

Nope. A free Zwift or Garmin Connect account will get the activities from Zwift without issue. You won’t get the same amount of data as a paid subscriber, but most of what you want is there.

Thanks Nigel - I think I had seen thast activities wouldn’t be exported to Strava but wasn’t sure how accurate that information was.

No my rides have been over 2km, but I’ve just done an uninstall/reinstall and was testing with rides under 2km so thanks for the info, I’ll have to make my test rides over 2km :roll_eyes:

Problem solved, thanks for everyones replies.

On windows PC I had to uninstall, rename the two zwift folders (users and Program files (x86) that were left after the uninstall and reinstall which created new folders.

That seems to have got it going again.