Activity not synchronized with Strava

 Dear support team,

my last activity 

Zwift - London, UK - The GorbyGermany
Maik Endler 8:24 PM Feb 4, 2017

was not synchronized with strava.

All settings seems to be ok. I didn’t any password changes and so on.


Maik Endler






Hey!  This is exactly what happened to me as well.  My last activity 

zwift - London, UK 02/04/2017

  • Anne Jackson
  • 11:18 AM Feb 4, 2017


54.3 MI 3 23 3381 FT



was not synchronized. 




Check if the file is on your computer.  I believe its in Documents\Zwift\Activities.  Its a .fit file and the dates is part of the file name.  Using Strava you can manually upload the file. 

I uploaded it manually In the meantime. Seems to be fine.

Ride on!



We’re adding some additional features soon that will retry on recoverable errors and help us narrow down what’s causing failures on our end. On a side note, if it shows up on, but not Strava, it’s possible the problem is on Strava’s side as well, so you may want to follow up with them.

And as mentioned, you can always find your local fit file in your Documents\Zwift\Activities folder. :slight_smile: