Not syncing to strava

Newby to zwift…Done my first row tonight and i can see zwift linked to my strava account but my workout hasnt synced across?

Hi @Carrie_Eastley

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Zwift will only sync rides that is longer than 2km, so make sure to test it on a longer ride.

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Hi @Gerrie_Delport

I did the 25k cycle which was 9.3k on the rower, i did unlink it and try again but nothing came through

Just completed a 27km ride on zwift and not appearing on strava. Can’t download file from zwift either to do a manual upload.

Hi @stephen_macintyre

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If you can’t manually upload it then it seem like you had some internet connection issues.

Thanks @Gerrie_Delport The activity appears to have saved to Zwift. I have raised a support ticket and sent them the activity details and name. Chheers S.

Looking at your zwift activites I can see it didn’t save properly, first indication is the name is just the date, second indication is when you click on the activity it saves can not load details.

Zwift support won’t be able to tell you anything other than you can get the fit file and upload it to strava, you won’t be able to get your drops/xp etc back on zwift.

If the following instructions don’t work for you and strava says there’s an error with the fit file then try messing around with fixing the fit file using

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Hi @Carrie_Eastley

For this ride/row you can follow the instructions above to find the fit file and do a file upload to the strava website (unless you are on an Apple TV and then I don’t think you can).

in zwift, When you finished and clicked save and upload was strava written somewhere on the save button?

Also If you share a computer with someone else on strava, check it didn’t upload there, I’ve heard of that happening once.

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You may also need to log into Strava and reauthorize connection with Zwift.

Cheers Ben,
I have managed to retrieve the full ride using fitfiletools as you suggested. Uploaded to Strava, but it shows a default date of 01/06/15. Exported to Garmin to change date and saved. Deleted activity from Strava and then re-imported same activity from Garmin but with today’s date, but when it saves to Strava it still shows the default date as 1/6/15.
Any idea how I can change the date?

Hello again @Ben_Brawn My issue with the date has now resolved itself as I was able to export the fit file from zwiftpower and then re-upload to Garmin and then sync with Strava. So all good now!
I have updated zwift support with the resolution.


Glad you got it sorted. Fitfiletools should have been able to change the date for you I thought. Lucky it was on zwiftpower, often when there’s an issue it doesn’t make it to zwiftpower.

@Ben_Brawn thanx ben sorted it manually :+1:

Does this also apply to GaRMIN CONNECT? Also, i connected Strava and Garmin after first 5km plus ride. Is it retrospective?
Current status is a bunch of in progress .fit files- sound right?
Thanks- only joined yesterday so sorry for basic questions.

Hi Paul,

It’s not retroactive. You can also upload to garmin connect:

  • Sign in to Garmin Connect
  • Select cloud icon in top right corner of page
  • Select Import Data
  • Select Browse
  • Locate and select an activity file
  • Select Import Data

Edit: I see now that you were asking about the 2 km limit. I suspect it applies to all auto transfers but I could be wrong.

You activities folder should (from my experience) contain one file called inprogressactivity (or something like that) and a file for each ride named