Save problems from miles and inventar


since 1.06.2016 i have problems with save the miles and inventar.

i start zwift with 5195km, ride xx km, change me bike an wheels to pinarelo and 808. then save and start zwift again. all data are reset to the first start. km are again 5195, bike is now the cervelo s5 and wheels are the enve. i can do it again and again and it reset all the time again to 5195 cervelo and enve, why?

the separat saved files on zwift are allways correkt, only the tolal km reset again to 5195. likewise can the power be generated only to 400w, 100 watt less than usual. and all this since the last update.

thanks for info



Hi Thomas - 

I’ve created a ticket from your post and will be in further contact with you there.


send the logfile via mail to you

thanks in advance