Sasquatch sighting

Has anyone else seen the Sasquatch along the Evergreen Coast section? I saw him today. Of course was not able to get picture

Yeah, also just saw him now, on the return leg of the Coast Crusher route. Also didn’t react in time to take a screenshot. He was pretty big, walking from left to right on the right-hand side the of the road, and had what looks like green leaves (?) piled on his shoulders.


If you’ve no photos…It never happened

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That’s a tree

Sasquatch always disguise themselves as trees, silly!


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Yeah, probably right.


Yep, just a tree that looks like it’s moving because of the way the camera is panning.

Move along folks, nothing to see here.

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I saw it on Coast Crusher

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Weren’t people complaining about moving trees on the Alpe last year? Probably the same thing.

Every moving tree could be a Sasquatch. Sasquatch are the world hide-and-seek champions, so you need to keep an eye out for all moving trees.

I just see trees

Even the mountains move in Innsbruck so moving trees are childs play in comparison.

While I’m waiting for levels 61-100 and a reply from a Zwift employee about levels 61-100. Have also seen Sasquatch playing peekaboo on the other side of the road. Nice touch, Zwift!


Wait, are you just sitting on the side of the road waiting for level 61?

I appreciate that commitment :slight_smile:


Zoomed in.


I’m pretty sure that’s not how that works…

AND a reply from a Zwift employee about levels 61-100 (on my forum post from December, 2022). But, yes, that was the joke.

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Seen twice. got a photo. grainy and vintage and looks little different from other pics. More than one? Breeding pair?

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